Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Add drama to Pan Zoom with Rotation

For making a slideshow of still pictures there is nothing like Pan and Zoom effects. Since I made the Pan Zoom effects for Movie Maker (for XP) in 2004, it has remainied a popular download. Even now I get many people preferring my set of pan and zoom rather than using Photostory since perhaps editing in Movie Maker is much easier and more natural than a wizard driven interface of PhotoStory even though there is more easier control over source and destination rectangles.

Vista comes with a few of panning and zooming effects built in. However the feedback I have been receiving from users was they would prefer to use my effects in Vista. For that reason I have made available an equivalent set of pan zoom effects for Vista.

I recently saw a video where the photos were being given a slight rotation in addition to simple pan and zoom. This came across as adding an element of drama to the whole show. The effect is really effective if combined with the right sound tracks. Furthermore having a bit of rotation means your slideshow would look more different from all the pan zoom slideshows which are now everywhere.

The following download contains a set of six rotation effects that can be combined with the Pan Zoom effects to make your slideshows more dramatic and unique.

DOWNLOAD: RehanFX Rotate Effects (Freeware).


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